Turn Tables

Motorized Turn Tables

Harmax motorized turn tables are used to route rolls of material and provide correct material roll unwind orientation. Turn tables rotate via an AC-motor and gear box assembly. Segmented belt conveyor (tank track) is often installed in the surface of the turn table to provide conveying of material rolls at right angle as part of a conveying system configuration. Turn tables can be indexed at 90 or 180 degree rotation.

Turn table options often include:

  • Pneumatic roll stop-catch assemblies.
  • Pop up roll pushers to off load rolls.
  • Roll banding slots to band rolls of material.
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Roll Delivery Via Turn Tables, NO clamps around operators
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Wide Range of Applications

Click the video to view a wide range of turn table applications.

How It Works


Clamp truck loads roll into inclined roll storage ramp located in roll storage area


Operator uses lift and rotate station to remove damaged material and inspect roll surface


Segmented roll track conveyor delivers rolls to turn tables


Turn tables index rolls 90 degrees and deliver to multiple unwind stands


Rolls of material are prepared, inspected and staged on roll tracks in roll storage area


Turn table indexes roll 90 degrees and delivers to high speed Martin Zero Speed Splicer