Segmented Belt / Tank Track

Segmented Conveyor Belt / Tank Track

About segmented belt:

  • Designed by Uni-Chain. “The strongest belt in the uni-verse”.
  • Multiple link design that forms a continuous conveyor belt.
  • Each link is held in position with 304 stainless steel pins that can easily and quickly be replaced if necessary.

Mesh Belt features and operational benefits:

  • Designed with POM-Polyoxymethylene which has extreme wear characteristic and impact resistant.
  • The belt does not require lubrication.
  • Low coefficient of materials reduces horsepower requirement.

Segmented Tracks:

  • All track components will be installed in steel tub assembly.
  • Each track section designed with AC-motor and right-angle gear box.
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How It Works

Multiple links form continuous conveyor belt

Designed to convey and stage multiple rolls of material

Segmented belt
integrated into turn table