Roll Tracks


By definition, a pull dolly is a multi-wheeled dolly pulled back and forth via a motor gear box assembly.

Harmax pull dolly tracks:

  • Thousands of tracks in production world-wide over the last 40 plus years.
  • A key component to the longevity of these systems, is the heavy-duty structural design.
  • Our systems are designed to with-stand clamp truck traffic.
  • Constant tension cable drive between motor and dolly. No slipping. No adjustment in the field.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Harmax solutions are engineered to interface to all types of unwinds and rewinders.

Our goal is too safe-guard operators by reducing physical handling of material rolls while eliminating clamp trucks whenever possible.

Play Video

Included in video:

  • Double dolly with independent motors designed to convey two rolls of material.
  • Double dolly with turn and tip stations to butt roll return lines.

How It Works


Clamp truck stages rolls at lift and square stations.


Operator uses push button at unwind stand to push roll off roll carriage


Operator uses push button at unwind stand to move roll carriage under roll at lift and square station


Operator uses push button at unwind stand to load roll into unwind. Roll auto centers at unwind load position