Roll Cars


The Harmax RollCAR is a two-position high speed roll transport system,  designed to deliver rolls of material from a remote roll storage area to multiple unwind stands while eliminating clamp trucks around operators:

  • Rolls of material are conveyed onto the RollCAR via segmented (tank track) conveyor belt.
  • The RollCAR delivers requested roll to unwind and retrieves butt roll or partial roll to be conveyed back to roll storage area.
  • The RollCAR is pit mounted and rides on heavy duty rails.
  • Power to the RollCAR is routed through pit mounted conductor bars.
  • System controls include:
    • Regenerative braking at car drive wheels.
    • On board manual maintenance controls.
    • Smart horns and flashing lights each end of car.
    • Laser safety scanners.
    • Programmed interface to unwind stands.
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How It Works


Rolls are conveyed via segmented conveyor belt from roll storage area to high speed RollCAR


Rolls are loaded onto high speed RollCAR


RollCAR delivers rolls to unwind stands.


Rolls are unloaded from RollCAR onto rolltrack